Saint-Uzec standing stone


Double History.

Holder of all superlatives

“The highest”, “the most beautiful”, “the most impressive”, “the best example of a christianized standing stone”… in short, if you could only see one, it would be this one!

A secret but rich history

This huge 6000-year-old pink granite stone has lived several lives: first lying under the severe weather as shown by a 25 centimeter deep hole, it was then erected by prehistoric men, still beaten by the rain as the vertical gullies on its back testify, later maybe venerated by the druids during pagan cults so persistent that the Christians felt the need in the seventeenth century to make it theirs by putting their mark on it (a cross enshrined at the top and carved bas-reliefs, originally polychrome, representing the Virgin between the moon and the sun, as well as various symbols of the passion of Christ).

Anyway, if there is no certainty about its past, you will feel small contemplating its 7 metres high and so many millennia of devotion!


Address: 40 Route du Menhir, 22560 Pleumeur-Bodou, Brittany

Distance from the house: 11 km

Dogs: authorized

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