Saint-Meen chapel


Charm and tradition.

A chapel…

Even older than the village church since it dates from 1538, the old seigniorial chapel of Saint Meen is a granite building in Gothic style. Surrounded by flowers including hydrangea beds and with an architecture typical of the Tregor area, you will certainly remain under its spell.

More information on the heritage and history of the town on the town hall website.

… a saint

Disciple of St. Samson in the sixth century, Saint Meen is invoked to cure skin diseases, especially scabies and eczema. A fountain is also dedicated nearby. His relics are a few kilometers away, in the town church. Pardon is celebrated in early June, on Whit Monday. It is now a rare opportunity to attend a Mass in these walls.


Address: 9 Rue de la Chapelle de Saint-Méen, 22700 Saint-Quay-Perros, Brittany

Distance from the house: 2 km

Dogs: authorized (at least outside)

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